Graphics Customization

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Topics of this course:

How to customize chart colors How
to change chart parameters How to
create and save chart customizations as templates

Chart Window

MT4 platform charts use a black background by default.

If you prefer to work with a different color scheme, MT4 allows you to customize the look of the charts according to your preferences. Right-click the chart and select “Properties” or just press F8:

You can fully customize the colors of your chart in the window that appears:

Graphics Customization

For most traders, the chart is the most important source of market information. The fastest way to customize your chart is to use the icons in the top menu:

Most of these icons are self-explanatory, but there are so many options, here’s a quick rundown of the most used items:

You can easily change the chart type (bar charts, candlesticks, and line chart charts) with the buttons highlighted in the blue box below:

You can also change the time frame of your chart from one-minute (M1) charts to monthly charts (MN):

You can zoom in on your chart for a more detailed view of recent price action or zoom out for an overview of the market’s recent history; this is useful for drawing support, resistance levels and trend lines:

You can apply technical analysis indicators:

If you want to compare charts side by side, you can show multiple charts in one window with this icon:


After adapting your graphics to your liking, you can save your individual settings as templates. You can apply this template to a new chart and everything will be adjusted to your customization, including the selected timeframe, chart colors, and any indicators you have applied to the chart.

To save a template for future use:

– Right click on the graphic you want to save the customization
– Select “Template” > “Save Template”
– Give your new template a name

If you name your new template “default,” it will automatically open with every new graphic customization you open.

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